About Myles

Music has been a part of Myles' life from a very early age. Both of Myles' parents are lifelong professional musicians and thus he was always surrounded with music.

myles english with headphones on

Every Tuesday night he'd hang around choir practices with his brother and fall asleep on the church pews before rehearsal was over. During the week he'd hear the dozens of lessons his parents would teach from home. Often he'd play with other kids while his parents rehearsed for upcoming events and he'd attend these events his parents would produce or play in.

When Myles grew a bit older he started getting more involved with music, be it singing in choirs, playing in classical guitar ensembles, helping with music camps or singing in community plays.

myles singing in kids choir

The Guitar

Myles's Mom started him on piano at the age of 5 and gave him lessons for about a year. Piano just wasn't for Myles though, he wanted to play guitar like his Dad.

myles english at piano

Myles took guitar lessons with his Dad (Lloyd English) for many years, mostly playing classical guitar from the age of 7 to 12. Myles completed his grade 3 classical guitar with honors, but began losing interest. It became a struggle to get him to practice.

Myles continued playing in different groups and for fun, but didn't begin taking guitar seriously until the age of 23.

At the age of 23, Myles decided he was going to really learn to play as it was then or never. Luckily his Dad is one of the country's best guitar players and teachers and was happy to pass on his knowledge. His Dad has studied with many of the best teachers and player in Canada and the US. Myles studied traditional Jazz guitar and harmony with his Dad for about 4 years and consistently put in 4 to 6 hours of practice a day for many years.

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Myles initially chose to learn to play Jazz, because if you can play Jazz (well), you should be able to play anything. Slowly though, he began to love the genre and didn't want to play anything else.

Some of Myles' influences include his Dad, Joe Pass, Django Reinhardt, Ed Bickert, George Van Epps and Les Paul.


Myles began teaching guitar at the age of 24 and has taught ever since. Myles enjoys passing on his love of music and the joy the greatest instrument on earth gives him each day.

myles english teaching guitar lesson at student recital

Myles takes a careful and consistent approach with his teaching and builds a solid foundation of understanding, technique and ear training. He makes sure the practical implications of what he's teaching are always understood and that there is always a connection made with the student's ears!

Myles teaches a variety of styles including Jazz, Fingerstyle, Blues and Rock. He also teaches workshops and group classes on many different topics from recording to ukulele.

Holmes Makes it Right

In 2012 Myles had the opportunity to compose and record 31 queues with his Dad for the television series Holmes Makes it Right. This was a great experience and the show continues to air in Canada and the US.


Myles has performed at many different venues and events including Luke Fest, Hastings House, Harbor House Hotel and much more.

Myles also co-hosts, co-produces and plays at the very successful Sidney Friday Night Jazz Series. This series features some of the best West Coast Jazz musicians every Friday, right in Sidney BC. Each week there are about 80 people in attendance.

sidney friday night jazz series article in peninsula news review

You can see Myles playing regularly with his Dad in the Jazz guitar duo 13 strings.